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Sleepy's Pet


Easily block nearly every variation of the n-word including most Unicode lookalikes!

Download mp3 music from YouTube directly in Discord for free using $download_song or $play it in a VC, and more! A new type of music bot is here!

Easily moderate/participate in Voice Message conversations with Voice Message Transcriptions (speech-to-text)! Whenever a voice message is sent, the bot will automatically convert it to text, no commands needed!

Use tags to save commonly used phrases/words as custom commands and even access them directly from the website, like this example! Simply use $create_tag to save a tag for a guild, then use $tag to recall it!

Easily log any deleted/edited message, and log all deleted attachments, not just images, or use $snipe to show a recently deleted/edited message!

Join the support server to report bugs, suggest new features, and try out experimental features before anyone else!

Use $help for privacy policy/tos and to see the most commonly used commands or get more info about a specific command


Automatically block nearly every variation of the N-Word, including Unicode lookalikes.
Blocks restricted words in uploaded images and voice messages too!


Download or play any song from YouTube quickly and easily!
Can't join a voice channel to use other music bots? No problem! Just use `$download_song` to download it as an mp3 file!
All downloaded songs are playable directly in Discord, even on mobile! And if you want to listen to music with friends, just use `$play` to play music in a voice channel!

Ping Saving

Have you ever been afk for a while, then when you come back, you have a lot of pings, but it takes too long to scroll to them?
Well, not anymore! With Ping Saving, you can instantly see all of your recent pings in a server with just one command!
You can even see pesky ghost pings!


Easily create custom responses for commonly used words, phrases or messages that can easily be invoked later.
All tags are easily sharable via the website, and you may have unlimited tags per user/guild.

Message Logs

Thoroughly log all deleted/edited messages and all attachments! Where other bots only log images, Sleepy's Pet logs any deleted attachment.
You can also use $snipe command to show a recently deleted/edited message!

Voice Message Transcripting

Automatically convert voice messages to text to make them easier to moderate, or just for easier reading!